Huntsville Hospital Foundation Receives $230,000 Donation

Huntsville Hospital Foundation Receives $230,000 Donation

Posted: 2021-10-29 07:24:43 By: thebay

The Huntsville Hospital Foundation recently announced that Huntsville residents Chris and George Gilley recently donated over $230,000 to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign. The Foundation says the gift of securities will be used to help the hospital acquire imaging and diagnostic technology that is so necessary to updating the department over the next several years.

To date, the Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign has generated almost $2 Million in donations. The campaign target is $5 million to be raised for the department over the next three years. George Gilley says "We support number of charities in the Huntsville area. The hospital is one charity where the benefit is shared by everyone in the community."

The Gilley donation was made in the form of securities from the Gilley's investment portfolio: "I'm an accountant - there is a provision that allows you to give securities without triggering tax challenges, and the hospital gets the entire benefit. Anyone can do this, and the Foundation is there with the expertise to

Help," Gilley said.