Huntsville Joins Bracebridge In Support of Muskoka Animal Rescue's Feral Cat Program

Posted: 2021-07-02 09:34:06 By: thebay

Sue Hummel of the Muskoka Animal Rescue approached town council during the general committee meeting to ask for similar support to what the town of Bracebridge has pledged.

Hummel explains that they have recently entered an agreement with Bracebridge, where that Town will provide $2,000 in support funding.

Trapping, transportation and care during recovery time for the animals is accomplished by volunteers, but the spay/neutering and rabies vaccination can cost the Rescue approximately $100 per animal they help.

The rescue is a completely volunteer and donation driven organization, and like many others have been severely hurt by a lack of fundraising opportunities during covid-times.

Their Feral Cat Project was the focus, and Sue explained the costs associated with attempting to control cat populations and the issue if left unchecked.

“You may start with four cats, and in no time, you've got 20. Unfortunately, a lot of people look at feral cats and think ‘not my cat, not my problem,” she said.

Huntsville Council has agreed to provide the $2,000 in support, taking the funds from the Council Discretionary fund.