Huntsville Mayor Taking Leave at Writ Drop in September

Posted: 2019-07-23 12:15:26 By: hbr

Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison advised Hunters Bay Radio on Monday night that his intentions are to take a leave from the mayoral position once the writ is dropped for the upcoming federal election. Dropping the writ is the term for the procedure when the prime minister asks that parliament be dissolved prior to an election. The writ is expected to be dropped sometime in September for the October 21 election.  Mayor Aitchison feels that he is able to do his job as mayor until that time. Mayor  Aitchison will be representing the conservatives and running for the MP position for Muskoka Parry Sound area.

Mayor Aitchison advised us that this will be an unpaid leave.  Deputy Mayor Karin Terziano will become  acting mayor once Mayor Aitchison steps aside.