Huntsville Moves Ahead With New Initiatives In 2021

Posted: 2020-10-01 07:28:41 By: thebay

A motion was put forward to move ahead with the new initiatives during Monday’s town council meeting in Huntsville.

The initiatives include completing a communications and marketing plan, to investigate and bring back Updated Community Improvement Plan (CIP), Support Programs for consideration and to include $45,000 in the draft budget from levy funding, create a virtual streetscape for pedestrians and traffic, explore the potential of lease agreements with private parking lot owners, identify the financial commitments from all stakeholders, create a virtual streetscape, and finally to include the position of Streetscape Ambassador for the spring 2021 draft budget.

Staff had recommended the purchase of digital kiosks but council has asked for more information and that they report back.

The motion was approved by council, with Councilor Withey voting against, as he is not in favour of moving ahead with the Streetscape project in 2021.