Huntsville Promises Improvements With Flood Communications

Posted: 2019-12-23 08:09:58 By: hbr

During last Tuesday’s town council meeting in Huntsville a report was presented by staff for the Flood Plan update.

Steve Hernen, the Director of Operations and Protective Services, advised that they have addressed some of the issues that occurred during this years spring flood. Going forward Ministry of Natural Resources reports will be conveyed to the public, but the town will not make predictions on when or how high or when the flooding may be.

Hernen said that previously the town reported on what they felt would happen using historical data. Due to climate change they are no longer able to make these predictions, and they do not want to mislead the public.

Members of the public also expressed concerns with communication from the town. The town will implement a 211 system to receive calls and answer questions during an emergency situation on a 24-hour basis.

The district of Muskoka now has sand bags available at no charge that will be available in the event of flooding. Sand will also be available however, the filling, moving and placing of sand bags will be the responsibility of the residents.

Work will continue by staff to find ways and means to help, prevent or minimize the impact of flooding and they will also continue to educate the public on ways to be prepared and limit the damage caused by flood waters.   

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