Huntsville Spends $20,000 On Structural Review Of Town Hall

Posted: 2019-12-20 11:52:50 By: hbr

During Tuesday’s Huntsville council meeting a report was presented by staff in regards to a structural review of the town hall building.

Staff say the full structural review may cost up to $ 20,000.

The working group advised the goal is to maintain the original building . There  are a number of issues identified such as accessibility, the roof, insulation, furnaces and space. 

Staff advised there are huge beams in the Town hall and they need to know if they can move these beams and what other changes can be made. 

Councillor Armour noted that the town is growing and that they need to be able to accommodate more staff, and he also feels they can better accommodate the public by remaining downtown. He added that it is important to know what issues the building may have, before moving forward with changes. 

Councillor Withey opposed the structural analysis and thought that they should just move some staff to other locations. The motion however, was supported by rest of council and was passed.

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