Huntsville Supports Call For The Return Of The Northlander

Huntsville Supports Call For The Return Of The Northlander

Posted: 2021-02-23 07:37:11 By: thebay

During Monday’s electronic town council meeting in Huntsville, a motion was passed to support restoring passenger rail service.

The Northlander passenger train was discontinued in 2012. The City of North Bay has passed a resolution stating that reliable and affordable passenger rail transportation in our area is essential for economic development of resource based industries, tourism and access to health care.

Premier Ford made a campaign pledge during the 2018 Provincial Election to restore the Northlander. The Town of Huntsville supports the city of North Bay in requesting that Premier Ford and Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation,  restore the passenger rail prior to the 2022 Provincial election. The town of Huntsville also supports North Bay in asking the Federal Government to assist in funding the annual expenses of the Northlander and the Polar Bay Express.