Huntsville To Consider Replacing Ward System With At-Large System

Posted: 2019-12-23 10:22:57 By: hbr

Huntsville Town Council discussed Ward boundaries during their Special Town Council meeting last Tuesday morning. 

The Town says a ward review by a consultant would cost $40,000. 

Councillor Withey says he is in favour of eliminating ward boundaries all together as it eliminate the chance for a candidate to be acclaimed.  Withey says as some people won’t run against a candidate they feel may beat them in any particular ward. He also says that more than half of the municipalities in the province have the at-large system.  

Councillor Thompson countered, saying that all of those municipalities mentioned do not have the large geographical area that  Huntsville has, and the smaller wards would not have representation in an at large system. 

Council decided to postpone the ward boundary review, until January when more information will be available from staff, in regards to an at large election. 

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