Huntsville To Look At Events That Close Roads & Parking Lots

Posted: 2019-07-24 09:32:52 By: hbr

During Monday's Town council meeting in Huntsville, Mayor Scott Aitchison asked town staff to look at options relating to road, parking and bridge closures during the busy summer months.  The mayor noted that although having so many events downtown is a good problem to have, a number of complaints were received from downtown businesses during the recent Ironman and Rib Fest.

Deputy Mayor Karin Terziano advised that in the recent Downtown Huntsville BIA meeting one downtown business reported that they reduced their staff to 25% during the Ironman as they did not have the customers they would normally have on a Sunday in July.

It was also reported that congestion in town caused traffic delays and it took an hour to get from one end of town to another. Mayor Scott Aitchison also mentioned the recent Rib Fest that closed the River Mill parking lot for 4 to 5 days.

The Downtown BIA requested that they be advised ahead of time of events in the downtown core that would affect their businesses.  Mayor Aitchison requested that the BIA, Chamber and others involved all be notified. The mayor suggested some solutions to this problem may be no bridge or parking lot closures during the busy summer months, as well as possible route or date changes to events like the Ironman.    

The resolution was passed and the council will now await a report from the Town staff.

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