Huntsville’s Largest PROBUS Club Celebrates 15 Years.

Posted: 2018-09-11 14:53:43 By: hbr

“We’re so busy, don’t tell our friends in the City!”                                  

That’s a line you might hear from a member of the PROBUS Club Muskoka North as it celebrates its 15th birthday in September.

PROBUS Muskoka North has 220 members, the largest PROBUS Club in Huntsville.

“We are dedicated to learning, celebrating and dining,” says Joanne Pagendam, a former President and chair of the birthday committee.  

Over the years, the Club has brought to Huntsville a lineup of distinguished Canadian speakers including anchor Lloyd Robertson, author Terry Fallis, palliative care expert Yvonne Heath and journalist Roy Macgregor.

Club members are often on the road visiting a Toronto theatre for Come From Away, or a day with the wolves at the Halliburton Forest, or a morning tour of the Beaver Creek Correctional facility near Gravenhurst.

PROBUS, which stands for ‘professional business”, was started in 1965 by Rotary International in the United Kingdom.  There are now 239 Probus Clubs in Canada.

Muskoka’s senior population is growing rapidly. Health experts say that seniors should be active and connected. PROBUS clubs are specifically designed to provide fellowship, friendship and fun to retirees and semi-retired people.

PROBUS Muskoka North has a wide range of interest groups. Among outdoor activities are a hiking group, bocce ball tournaments, canoe trip excursions and a bi-annual car rally. Indoors there’s bridge, a camera club, an investment club and scotch sampling.  Last fall the Club organized ballroom dancing lessons.

“Music plays a special role in our Club,” says President Leslie van der Meer. “We ‘ve had ensembles from the Muskoka Concert Band to a harmonica quartet which was started by one of our members.”  

With so much to do at clubs like Muskoka North, many PROBUS members say they are busier in retirement than they were in their work and family- raising years.

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