Hydro One urges customers to prepare for potential power outages and the risk of flooding

Hydro One urges customers to prepare for potential power outages and the risk of flooding

Posted: 2021-03-26 10:55:19 By: thebay

Hydro One says crews are preparing to respond to possible power outages caused by heavy rain and high winds expected over the next few days. With changing weather conditions and spring temperatures, the utility is also reminding customers to prepare for the potential risk of localized flooding this season, and is urging customers to prepare for power outages by restocking their emergency kits.

Lyla Garzouzi, Chief Safety Officer, Hydro One says with more people at home due to the pandemic, they want to ensure Ontarians know how to prepare and protect themselves in an emergency.

Emergency preparedness kits include:

  • Water and food that won't spoil for all family members, including pets
  • A manual can opener
  • Windup or battery-powered flashlight and radio
  • Batteries and extended battery chargers
  • Cash
  • First aid kit and medical items
  • Blankets
  • Fully charged cellphone and extended battery packs 

To prepare for the risks of flooding, residents can follow these tips:

Protect your home

Hydro One encourages residents to keep snow at least two feet away from their home’s exterior walls to help protect the foundation. If you identify any cracks wider than a dime or horizontal and vertical cracks (known as “step cracks”) in your foundation, consider calling a specialist. Residents should also remove any debris from their gutters or eavestroughs and downspouts.

If you have a sump pump, ensure regular maintenance so it’s ready if you need it. Sump pumps require electricity, so consider a backup power source, such as a battery or generator. 

Water and electricity do not mix

If flooding occurs in your home and water starts to reach your electrical outlets, baseboard heaters or furnace, residents should call their electricity utility to have power safely disconnected. Residents should not enter any flooded areas, such as the basement, until power is disconnected. Hydro One will waive disconnection and reconnection fees along with delivery fees when power is disconnected for safety reasons.

When water levels begin to drop and it is safe for customers to return to home, Hydro One will begin the process of reconnecting electricity once a licensed electrical contractor inspects your home for damage and customers make any necessary repairs.

Visit Hydro One’s website for more tips to protect your home from flooding this season.