In-attentive Driving Deaths Down To Lowest Point In 10 Years

Posted: 2019-02-20 07:37:47 By: hbr

The OPP is reporting decreases in all categories of fatalities on OPP-patrolled roads, waterways and trails in 2018, when compared last year.      

OPP say there were 296 fatal road collisions last year in which 333 people lost their lives. By comparison, there were 304 fatal crashes and 343 deaths in 2017.

 While fatal crashes were slightly down, personal injury and property damage collisions drove numbers up. In total, the OPP responded to 72,060 collisions last year, compared to 68,782 in 2017.

Road deaths in all but one of the "Big Four" categories were down last year. The "Big Four" are the four main causal factors in road fatalities and account for the majority of deaths on our roads. Most notably, last year marked the lowest number of inattentive-related road deaths in almost 10 years.