Invasive Species Concerning To Bracebridge Residents

Posted: 2019-09-10 07:13:13 By: hbr

There were some questions regarding invasive species in Bracebridge during the latest general committee meeting.

Coun. Rick Maloney said he was looking for some more information on Japanese Knotweed and whether there was a way to find out exactly where it was located on municipal property. Maloney said he’s been hearing from local residents who are concerned about the invasive species encroaching from municipal property onto their own.

Japanese knotweed is an aggressive plant that’s especially persistent due to its vigorous root system, which can spread nearly 10 metres from the parent stem and grow through concrete and asphalt.

Geoff Carleton, the Town’s director of public works, said a list of invasive has been compiled and sent to the District. He said the areas have now all been identified but it could take a couple of years before any specific issue is fully mitigated.

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