Junior C Hawkes Make Donation in Memory of Former Teammate

Posted: 2019-08-01 15:18:25 By: hbr

The Huntsville Junior C Hawkes have made a donation to a local community group in memory of their former teammate. Quinn Groomes was a well-loved member of the community and a former player on the Junior C Hawkes team. Last year, he passed away from suicide, and to honor his memory, the team donated nearly 900 dollars to the Muskoka Youth Mental Health and Wellness Fund. Groomes’ mother, Elizabeth Booth, says that it’s important to raise awareness about mental health struggles with young people, and that they need to know it’s okay to talk about it and not be embarrassed. Lynn DeCaro, executive director of the Muskoka Community Foundation, thanked the Hawkes for their donation, adding that the fund gives support to mental health and wellness programs that serve youth in the area.