Kasa Cares supports Hospice

Kasa Cares supports Hospice

Posted: 2021-07-28 10:26:58 By: thebay

Businesses and individuals giving back to causes that matter is an integral part of creating a strong community.

The people at Kasa Kana Canibus & Accessories understand this and that’s why they developed the Kasa Cares Program to raise funds for community organizations in the town’s they serve. With locations in both Huntsville and Peterborough, Kasa Kana listens to the people to find out what they should support.

On July 20, they donated $475 in funds raised to Hospice Huntsville; then went a step further the next day to show their appreciation for front line workers in a variety of industries – as well as supporting Tim Hortons Muskoka Camp Day fundraiser.

Kasa Kana staff purchased the Camp Day baked goods and then visited workplaces in Huntsville to share the treats. They’ve also worked with The Table Foundation since beginning operations in Huntsville.

Giving back to the communities who support their business is a value that brothers Aren and Evan Arkrakas, the founders and operators of Kasa Kana, hold dear.

The duo recently joined the Muskoka Unlimited Podcast on 88.7 FM to chat about a variety of topics including why they give back to the community.

Says Aren: “Evan and I, with every business that we’ve had, we’ve always had some connection with different foundations, different charities across Canada . . . Kasa Cares is basically a division of our company that focuses on doing good in our communities. Whether it’s helping a senior take out their garbage or raising funds to give back.”

They also provide opportunities for those who want to help the cause who may not be canibus connoisseurs to support the fundraising efforts through donation boxes, or by contacting the Kasa Kana team. And they welcome suggestions from their Kasa Kana team as well as individuals from the town in regards to what causes or organizations need help.

Aren also mentions that they hope to set an example for their own families, friends, business team and the community at large to give back in whatever way they can – whether it’s helping a neighbour, donating funds or volunteering with a local organization.

He says, “we do it because we love people. At the end of the day, if we all give a helping hand to each other, it can solve so many issues.”

Listen to the whole chat at: Aren and Evan from Kasa Kana visit the show

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