Kill Your Bills With Hunters Bay Radio

Kill Your Bills With Hunters Bay Radio

Posted: 2021-04-07 16:50:45 By: thebay
Hunters Bay Radio is giving you a chance to "Kill Your Bills" and win up to $250 towards qualifying bills you have.
Starting on Monday, April 5th and running for one month, we'll give you a chance to qualify to win one of 4 weekly draws for up to $250 toward bills you owe.
Each day from 7am - 8pm Monday - Friday we'll offer you multiple chances to text in to the Festing Toyota Textline, when prompted by the hosts.  One of the texters will become a qualifier in the following Monday's draw. Listen in for your chance to qualify on weekends.
In addition, everyday we'll be giving you a chance to qualify, by "Liking & Sharing" our Facebook webpage page.  One person will be selected each day on each site to qualify.
We will contact qualifiers by text, or daily postings on Facebook, or by email or phone, depending on how they entered the contest.  It is the qualifier's responsiblity to check to make sure they have won a chance to enter the contest.  You can only qualify once in any week.
Winners will get $250 towards eligible, outstanding, unpaid bills. You must bring in your unpaid bills as proof.  We will cut a cheque to you to help cover your outstanding balance.  Paid bills DO NOT QUALIFY.
Bills we'll help you pay include:
Rent/Mortgage (reciept required)
Hydro, Gas, Property Taxes, Cell Phone, Internet, Credit Card.
If you bring in Bills totaling less than $250, the lesser amount will be paid.
The Bay's "Kill Your Bills" contest is part of our ReStart Initiative, which has invested over $20,000 in pandemic relief efforts in our community.
You can only qualify once per week or win once.
Only your eligible bills will be paid, up to $250
Staff, volunteers or immediate family from Hunters Bay Radio are disqualified from participating in this contest