Lake Associations Push Back On Bin Removal Plans

Posted: 2019-11-29 09:42:28 By: hbr

The District of Muskoka is feeling the pressure from local cottage associations when it comes to the removal of waste bins.

During the District's latest council meeting representatives from both the Muskoka Lakes Association and the Kashe Lake Ratepayers Association attended to voice their concern over the impending removals.

Representing the MLA, Lawton Osler said there are likely several thousand members of the MLA and other lake associations that will be affected by the removal of bins. 

Oster said they have great concern with the immediate removal of several bins the government has determined to be high-risk, namely because they have no idea where those bins are located, when specifically they will be removed or why they're considered high risk. 

He cautioned that the removal of the bins could result in increased illegal dumping. He also added that the majority of bin users likely have no idea that such significant changes are in the works. 

Osler suggested some possible solutions could include the use of surveillance cameras, key entry for bins or fenced-in areas 

District chair John Klink said he welcomed the input of the MLA and understood their concerns.  he hopes that they could be a part of the solution and said he looks forward to working with them.