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Lake of Bays seeking unified fire service with Huntsville

Lake of Bays seeking unified fire service with Huntsville

Posted: 2023-01-11 08:01:26 By: thebay

In the January 10, 2022, Lake of Bays meeting, Council agreed to the staff recommendation to proceed with the development of a unified fire service governance model with the Town of Huntsville.

In 2021, the Township received a $100,000 grant for their Fire Services Master Plan from the Ontario Municipal Modernization Funding Review. An updated plan was submitted by staff in March 2022 as a reference for developing their Fire Services delivery approach as a joint structure with the Town of Huntsville that includes having a designated board to provide fair service levels.

The model will provide options that staff will include in a report for Council in the February meeting for further consideration regarding the direction they will take moving forward.

Considerations will include a description regarding strategies for the Fire Services Master Plan and roll out plan to determine level of services that will provide the most “efficiency, equity and consistency,” according to the staff report.

“For example, where programs can be implemented that address fire protection and prevention that decrease reliance on increasing full-time staffing as opposed to simply addressing evolving community needs and growth by increasing staffing,” indicates the report.

Councillor Rick Brooks, expressed his favour for developing the joint team, referring to it as a “One stop shopping for services.”