Landlord Charged For Failing To Provide Smoke & CO Alarms For Tennant

Posted: 2018-10-22 07:59:56 By: hbr

A Gravenhurst landlord was issued two tickets last week for failing to provide smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms for a tenant in one of her apartments. The two tickets have fines totaling $720.

Fire Chief Larry Brassard says “These tickets are expensive, especially when compared to the cost of installing the two alarms, but the cost to the tenant could have been far more impactful had there been a fire,”

“Landlords expressly have a responsibility to ensure their properties are safe, and hence the tickets were issued on the spot,” said Brassard. “The days of leniency when it comes to issues like this involving life safety are over," he said.

So far this year, 74 Ontarians have died in fires, the vast majority in residential settings. Many of these settings involved homes or apartments where smoke alarms were lacking or were not maintained.

The Fire Dept says smoke alarms over ten years old must be replaced, as do CO alarms when they are seven years old.