Latest Results in Almaguin Highlands

Posted: 2018-10-23 07:22:16 By: hbr

Carol Ballantyne is the new mayor in Kearney. Ballantyne lead with 729 votes over Yvonne Wills, who had 315.

Council will include Michael Rickward, Liz Stermsek, Paul Ziraldo and Cheryl Philip.

In Strong Township Kelly Elik claimed the Mayor’s seat by a landslide with 472 votes vs. 81 for opposing mayoral candidate Rick Armitage.

Jeff McLaren Jody Baillie Marianne Stickland and Jason Cottrell claimed council seats.

In Sundridge, incumbent Mayor Lyle Hall has reclaimed the Mayor’s seat in Sundridge after gaining 60 per cent of the vote in the town’s mayoral race.  He will be joined at the table by acclaimed councilors Barbara Belrose and Stephen Rawn, and newly elected councillors Steve Hicks and Gord Furlong.

In Joly Twp, incumbent Mayor Bruce Baker was knocked out of the running by newly elected Tim Bryson.  Incumbent Brian McCabe, Budd Brown, Bill Black and Tom Bryson. 

In the Township of Perry. Mayor Norm Hofstetter was acclaimed. Four councillors were elected: Paul Sowrey; Ann Margaret; Jim Cushman, and Joe Lumley.

In Ryerson Incumbent council member George Stirling managed to knock long time Reeve Glen Miller out of his seat.

Councillors Penny Brandt and Barbara Marlow were both acclaimed. Councillors Celia Finley, and Delynne Patterson were both elected.

In Burks Falls, Reeve: Cathy Still was acclaimed

Council will include: Lewis Hodgson, Lisa Morrison, Jarve Osborne and Rex Smith.