Local Companies Donate To Area Food Banks

Local Companies Donate To Area Food Banks

Posted: 2020-03-21 15:02:29 By: hbr

On Saturday, The Bay Food Crew headed by Hunters Bay Radio and Bullock’s Independent Grocer and a host of local companies in Huntsville delivered 2 truckloads of pre-packaged salads to area food banks.

The delivery arranged by the radio station came after an opportunity presented itself as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis.

A food company that sells primarily to restaurants across the country, found itself holding the preverbal bag once the province ordered all restaurants to close or go take out only.  Well, that left the company with tons of fresh food and no customers.  In stepped Darcy Bullock of Bullock’s Independent who saw an opportunity to divert the food from certain disposal at a landfill and into the hands of his customers and The Bay Food Crew.

Once Bullock had arranged for delivery to his store at a very attractive discount, we were notified and contacted area food banks to see what capacity they had for perishable food items.

So this week, most area food banks will be treating their clients to some healthy nutritious food and more than a ton of food was saved from the landfill.

The Bay Food Crew is a group of local companies including Bullock’s Independent Grocer, Dairy Lane Dental, Dreams Becoming Reality Marketing, Capstone Markets and Hutcheson Sand & Mixes, all working to help area food banks feed those in need.  While this situation is continuing, we ask you to please donate to your area foodbank.