Man Dies After Truck Goes Through The Ice

Posted: 2019-12-18 09:30:08 By: hbr

Haliburton Highlands OPP were dispatched to a truck through the ice on Bushwolf Lake in Dysart, et al. on Saturday, at approximately 4:11 pm.

Upon arrival, officers learned that one person was still in the submerged pickup truck. The truck had been out on the lake ploughing a track when it broke through.

The 57-year-old occupant was recovered from the submerged truck by the Algonquin Highlands Fire Department. The man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The deceased has been identified as Larry BAGG, of Eagle Lake.

The OPP wants to remind those venturing onto the ice that no ice is safe ice and to do so cautiously.

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