Man Suffers Hypothermia After Falling Out Of Canoe

Posted: 2019-05-13 10:32:49 By: hbr

On Sunday,  at 12:30pm,  Kearney Fire and Emergency Services were called to assist in locating and removing a 55 year old man from Alquonguin Park with unknown medical conditions. They were met by Almaguin Highlands OPP and due to poor cellular service details were not known.

It was quickly decided by OPP and Kearney Fire to dispatch the OPP helicopter from Orillia to assist, along with park rangers.

OPP and fire started out on foot and the park rangers in a small boat to start the search. Approximately 30 mins later the man was found and brought to waiting EMS at the Tim Lake access point.

The man was suffering from hypothermia from falling out of his canoe as well as a possible heart condition. He was transported to Huntsville hospital for further assessment and treatment.