Maple Syrup Producers Warned Of Possible Injury

Maple Syrup Producers Warned Of Possible Injury

Posted: 2021-04-01 07:25:11 By: thebay

The U.S. National Maple Syrup Producers Association is issuing a warning to their Canadian counterparts of the potential for injury during the sap running season. The problem, they say is low consumption which has been triggered by COVID-19 and the low-carb craze, resulting in a serious problem for New England's maple-tree industry: exploding maple trees.

The association says untapped trees are a time bomb ready to go off.  Bill McWilliam, the president of the association says “The trees explode like gushers, causing injuries and sometimes death. If untended, quiet stands of Nature's sweeteners can turn into spindly demons of destruction.

The Vermont Health Board reports 87 fatalities, 140 maimings, and a dozen decapitations, caused by sap-build-up explosions the last 2 seasons.

Local producers haven’t reported any such occurrence, but had noted that some trees had come down over a period of time, which leads to the question “if a tree explodes in the forest, will anyone hear it?”

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