MHP Hopes To Add Food Gardens To Program Offerings

MHP Hopes To Add Food Gardens To Program Offerings

Posted: 2021-05-03 07:50:53 By: thebay

Muskoka Heritage Place manager Ron Gostlin had councillors at the Huntsville General Committee meeting excited about a proposed greenhouse project.

Gostlin presented a long list of goals of the proposed project, including workshops about sustainable food growing, and home growing and gardening as a hobby or stress reliever. He told the committee there are possibilities for partnering with high school programming and food donations to local food banks.

Gostlin says, “we've been brainstorming ideas for the betterment of Muskoka Heritage Place and in part, trying to find something new that can add value to the current visitor experience.”

With the building being entirely grant dependant, the Town of Huntsville directed staff to apply for available grants to fund the MHP Greenhouse Project. As well, staff are directed to support the project as a priority towards future improvements of the Muskoka Heritage Place.

Councillor Jonathan Wiebe says, “this adds a new dynamic element and would help engage with the community and make regular visitors of our local population.”

Gostlin assured council that the addition would have no impact on the authentic visitor experience of the Pioneer Village.

By Jennifer Turney, for