Miller Introduces Private Members Bill To Reduce Polystyrene Pollution In Great Lakes

Posted: 2020-11-11 10:56:59 By: thebay

Last week MPP Norm Miller introduced Keeping Polystyrene Out of Ontario's Lakes and Rivers Act, a Private Member’s Bill designed to reduce polystyrene pollution by requiring any polystyrene foam used in the constructions of docks and rafts to be fully encapsulated.   

Miller says that when unencapsulated dock foam is exposed to the elements, it can break apart into the visible waste most lake lovers are unfortunately all too familiar with. It can also further break down into microscopic particles that are harmful to fish and other wildlife. 

While on a visit to see Point Pleasant Marina’s new Seabin in operation, Miller had the opportunity to see the marina’s new Seabin, which can collect over 8 pounds of waste each day, including microplastics and oil, and is part of a government-supported initiative through Pollution Probe to collect plastic waste from marinas around the province using innovative plastic-capture technology.  Miller says this will be the largest initiative of its kind in the world.     

Miller says he was happy to have the opportunity to introduce Bill 228 in the legislature. “Growing up in Muskoka and now living on Georgian Bay, I have always felt lucky to have such beautiful waterways to explore and enjoy.   I hope that reducing plastic pollution from docks will help better maintain them for generations to come,” he said.