Miller Says He's Proud to Help Bring About Change in Ontario

Posted: 2018-07-13 08:13:30 By: hbr

Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka, says he is proud to be a part of a government that has already begun to deliver on their promises to bring change for the people.

In yesterday’s Speech from the Throne, the Government laid out their priorities for the next four years including cleaning up the hydro mess, leaving more money in the pockets of Ontarians, ending hallway medicine and restoring accountability to government.

Miller  says “After 15 years of waste and mismanagement, there are a number of pressing issues that need to be resolved. Our Throne Speech made it very clear that our government is serious about bringing relief to the people of Ontario and creating jobs and economic opportunity,”  he said. 

Miller said that Premier Ford had demonstrated that he intends to move quickly to fulfill his promises, starting by announcing the resignations of the CEO and the Board of Hydro One. 

Miller will return to Queen’s Park on Monday morning for the summer session of the Legislature where the government will deliver on its promises to end the deadlocked strike at York University and to introduce legislation to end the Liberal’s Cap and Trade scheme.