Miller Says More High Speed Internet Being Funded By Province

Posted: 2019-07-25 09:35:14 By: hbr

Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound Muskoka says families and businesses in rural and remote communities can look forward to high-speed internet and better cellphone service as the province releases its first-ever, $315 million plan to improve and expand service.

Miller says “This investment is big news for parts of Parry Sound-Muskoka where broadband and cellular service are not available.”

The plan includes a $150 million commitment for a new broadband fund, which will leverage private sector funding along with support from other levels of government, to drive investment and expansion to unserved and underserved communities.

The plan is expected to generate up to $1 billion in total investment over five years, resulting in new connections for up to 220,000 homes and businesses.