Miller Says Online Training Will Save Businesses Millions

Posted: 2019-02-05 07:39:09 By: hbr

Last week the Ontario Government announced health and safety training will be made available online.

MPP Norm Miller says “This simple change will make a big difference, especially for rural and northern businesses like those in our area,” he said. “Allowing workers to take the courses online will save the businesses money in travel and accommodation expenses and save the workers time away from their families.”

This change will apply to the training for Joint Health and Safety Committee members. Miller says the closest trainers are in Orillia, North Bay and Sudbury.

Allowing the option of training to take place solely online - in addition to the existing options of classroom, distance and blended learning will reduce travel and accommodation costs for businesses.

Miller says by offering training online to businesses and other employers would save up to $5 million per year.