Miller Says Path Back To Balance Will Preserve Core Services

Posted: 2019-04-12 10:16:14 By: hbr

Muskoka Parry Sound MPP Norm Miller says his government’s path to balance the budget will preserve what residents and business owners care about most,  healthcare spending, education spending and social services.  Miller said that unless they are responsible, and get back to balance, the province “won’t be able to do that.”

Miller says they inherited a $15 Billion deficit and have a 5 year plan to balance the budget – a gradual reduction to zero, so they can continue to invest in the things that matter.  Miller maintains that they are coming back in to balance in a responsible way.

Miller says the province’s debt – the largest sub-national debt in the world - is $343 Billion dollars and the deficit is less than the interest paid on the debt at $13 billion and any money generated in surplus, would be used to pay down the province’s debt.

Miller says that there are increases in spending in healthcare and MAHC is mentioned in the budget. The revamping of the entire healthcare system making it more patient focused.

The government is also going to invest in more public transportation in the North with a return of the Northlander, and more busing serving Parry Sound/Muskoka.

Miller emphasized his government is protecting healthcare, education and social program spending by getting back to balance.


Listen to our full conversation about the budget with Miller here: