Miller Says Time is Running Out To Apply For Legislative Page Program

Posted: 2018-10-16 08:08:51 By: hbr

MPP for Parry Sound Muskoka , Norm Miller says there is only one month left to apply to serve as a Legislative Page with the Ontario Legislature during the Spring session.

Miller says the Legislative Page Program offers the opportunity for students in grade 7 and 8 to be part of Ontario’s legislative process. Pages will learn about provincial governance, meet key parliamentary figures, and explore the history of Ontario’s Parliament.  During this once-in-a lifetime civics lesson, they will deliver messages to and from the House, perform helpful duties for MPPs!  Miller says the position is a lot of fun.

Interested Ontario students, with at least a level 4 (80%) academic standing, are eligible to apply .

Applications are open until November 15th for the Spring Session. For more information visit -now.