Miller Tours Area Businesses Looking To Learn About Impact of Gov't Regulations

Posted: 2018-11-09 07:13:29 By: hbr

Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka, spent time touring local businesses and holding a small business roundtable this week, to hear how the Ford Government can reduce unnecessary regulations and make sure Ontario is open for business.

On Tuesday Miller visited Kropf Industrial, a manufacturer of hydraulic boat handling equipment, floating dock systems and floating aquaculture pens, and then Aqua Cage, a rainbow trout farm that uses Kropf’s floating fish pens, both in Parry Sound.

On Wednesday, Miller was joined by MPP Michael Parsa, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, to meet with a dozen local business owners to discuss how government could make it easier to run a successful business in Ontario.

One of the issues facing a lot of businesses in the area, particularly those in construction related fields, is a skilled labour shortage. Miller is hopeful that the changes to the apprenticeship system proposed in Bill 47, the Make Ontario Open for Business Act, will help alleviate that shortage.

Miller said “It was a great discussion and I learned about a lot of regulatory issues that are impacting businesses and job creators here in Parry Sound-Muskoka,” he said