MNRF Conducting Black Bear Study in The Area

Posted: 2018-05-16 13:15:16 By: hbr

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry plans to set black bear barbed wire hair traps to update bear population data for the province - especially in areas where there are concerns about the sustainability of the bear population.

The MNRF will be setting up survey stations with sardines to encourage local black bears to follow their noses right to the stations where they’ll have to rub up against some barbed wire as they go for the fish. As they rub against the wire it leaves behind a small hair sample that can be sent for DNA analysis.  That data will help determine  the number of bears in areas surrounding the survey line and also which are returning bears and which are “unique” bears.

MNRF advise that there will be signs up and the stations will also be marked. They are asking anyone who comes upon the survey locations not to touch the station to protect the integrity of the survey data.

For more information, including survey locations, please refer to the following website: