Muskoka Discovery Centre Begins Expansion Project

Posted: 2019-09-12 15:41:48 By: hbr

Work has commenced at constructing an exciting addition to the Muskoka Discovery Centre after more than two years of planning. Piles are being driven in Gravenhurst Bay to be the foundation for 12,000 square feet space that will be separate, but connected to the existing museum.

The main permanent exhibit will be the Stanley Meek Steam Era Exhibit with human stories about an innovative period in Canadian history (1830-1930). The exhibit will also feature a restored and electrified Wanda III steam yacht (circ 1915) originally commissioned by the Eaton Family that will be available for charter.

The organizationplans to spend $1.0 Mil on interactive displays to help make the Muskoka Discovery Centre a world class destination.

They are conducting a community fund raising campaign to help pay for the new building. For more information go to       

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