Muskoka Lakes Approves New Subdivision Plan

Muskoka Lakes Approves New Subdivision Plan

Posted: 2020-07-09 07:31:09 By: thebay

After much discussion and debate, a draft subdivision for a development on Mary Jane Lake in Muskoka Lakes Township has now been reached.

The proposed development would be serviced with private individual on-site septic and water services. Originally, two phases of development were proposed with Phase 1 consisting of Lots 1 to 5 and Phase 2 consisting of Lots 6 to 10. 

During a recent Township of Muskoka Lakes council meeting, Coun. Allen Edwards said he’d agree to the plan, only if there are three phases, each one consisting of four, three and three lots. Also, the owner would need to agree to test the water every year, so that if there’s a problem they don’t proceed with the next phase.

Council agreed and the plan was amended to three phases.

The plan would allow a 66 foot dock but, Coun. Edwards said he wouldn't like to see that size dock on this lake.

“I’d like restrictions on the length,” he said. “Just long enough to tie up a boat. It’s a small lake.”