Muskoka Lakes Concerned About Short Term Renters

Posted: 2019-04-09 07:22:58 By: hbr

Problems with rowdy renters prompted Muskoka Lakes council to take another look at potential licenses for short term renters recently.

Mayor Phil Harding said the Township needs to do a more fulsome review of the current noise by-laws. He said he isn’t personally in favour of licensing but he agrees there needs to be increased penalties for offenders.

“Over time, we need to get property owners who are better renters,” he said. “We need to continue to educate the public over the summer.”

They also discussed the situation in Blue Mountains, where specific areas in their OP and Zoning By-laws were established which would allow short-term rentals. Blue Mountains passed a licensing by-law and hired a number of enforcement officers. However they experienced a number of legal challenges and in the end it cost in excess of $1 million to set up the new licensing by-law.

The Township has also created a code of conduct for residents and guests to Muskoka Lakes. It encourages them to introduce themselves to their neighbours and handle problems in a polite manner, among other suggestions.