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Muskoka Lakes Passes Budget With 1.83% Increase

Muskoka Lakes Passes Budget With 1.83% Increase

Posted: 2022-01-14 14:25:31 By: thebay

On Wednesday, the Township of Muskoka Lakes Council approved the 2022 Operating and Capital Budget.

The 2022 Budget has a net levy of $13,029,600, which represents a 1.83% tax rate increase over the prior year. The estimated tax increase to a typical residential property valued at $500,000 is $11.24.

“This year’s budget is a remarkable accomplishment which achieves lofty goals of increasing levels of service while keeping tax increases to a minimum,” Mayor Harding said.

Mark Donaldson, the Director of Financial Services says “The budget continues to support the priorities set out in the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan and makes timely, priority investments in capital infrastructure.”

Notable projects slated for 2022 include the completion of a Fire Master Plan and Parks and Recreation Master Plan, commencement of Transportation Master Plan, conducting the 2022 Election, implementing an E-Permitting System and review of the Septic Inspection Program and Site Alteration By-law.

Visit www.muskokalakes.ca to view a copy of the 2022 Budget.