Muskoka Votes 2018 - Bracebridge

Posted: 2018-10-03 11:35:52 By: mattdriscoll

Mayor (One to be elected)


Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini has been on Bracebridge council for more than a decade. She’s currently the deputy chair of the District of Muskoka.

At the top of her list of concerns are ensuring a sustainable future for Muskoka’s two acute healthcare facilities, increasing employment and the attraction and retention of business.


Graydon Smith is the incumbent candidate for mayor after first being elected to the position eight years ago. Smith sits on the board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and was recently elected chair of the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities caucus.

He hopes to continue his work on the new arena/library complex, work to increase affordable and attainable housing and help ensure the viability of the area’s health care system.


District Council (Three to be elected)


Steven Clement has represented Bracebridge at District council since 2006 and is currently the chair of the District’s Community Services committee.

A retired paramedic, Clement also lists his number one concern as maintaining two acute care hospitals in Muskoka. He’s also focused on affordable housing, improved accessibility and seniors programs.


Rick Maloney has represented Macaulay Ward at Bracebridge council for the past eight years but decided to run for District council this time around.

Some of Maloney’s top areas of concern include increased affordable housing, keeping residential taxes in check, the expansion of high speed broadband connectivity and increasing accessible transportation across Muskoka.


Rick Hallam was formerly the owner of the Silver Bridge Gallery and has served with a number of community organizations, including the Alzheimer Society of Muskoka, Muskoka Community Futures and the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce.

Hallam would like to see more being done for seniors and more work being done to promote the arts in Bracebridge.

Don Smith is seeking re-election to District council after having completed his first term. Smith is also focused on the future of the area’s acute care hospitals, as well working to alleviate affordable housing issues and continuing to work towards a master plan for downtown Bracebridge.


Bracebridge Ward (One to be elected)


Kimberly Hayes-Rogers is entering her first foray into politics and says she would like to see more emphasis put on young families and youth generally.

She feels the town needs to have greater input from Bracebridge residents, increased communication and less money spent on studies and consultants.

Incumbent Chris Wilson is seeking a second term representing Bracebridge Ward.

His primary focus will be on the completion of a downtown master plan, continuing work on the library/arena complex and continuing to increase occupancy throughout the downtown area.


Monck/Muskoka Ward (One to be elected)


Michael Gooch recently retired after several decades spent working as a municipal staff member in Muskoka and is seeking his first term on council.

He would like to see more streamlining between the District and Town systems, a revamping of the area’s bylaws to make them less cumbersome and greater preservation of waterfront areas.


Mark Quemby has represented Monck Ward for two terms and is also a local small business owner. One of Quemby's primary concerns is continuing to work on the arena library complex and growing Bracebridge as a sports tourism destination. He is also concerned with the future of the hospital and putting more emphasis on roads projects.


Macaulay Ward (One to be elected)


Ruthann Cook is a Bracebridge hairstylist and volunteer with a number of local sports organizations who is entering the realm of politics for the first time.

Her primary concerns involve retention of the hospital, more opportunities for youth and increased seniors housing.


Paul Everitt has spent roughly three decades working in the business administration sector and ran unsuccessfully to be the federal Liberal candidate for Muskoka - Parry Sound during the last federal election. Everitt would like to focus on responsible economic development in Bracebridge and ensuring the future of both hospital sites.


Andrew Struthers is a local business owner entering local politics for the first time, although he had “behind the scenes” experience at the federal level.

His top priorities are government transparency, responsible use of tax dollars and environmental protection.


Tom Young is a longtime municipal employee who volunteers with a multitude of local organizations and has helped spearhead the creation of several events and organizations such as the local Crimestoppers branch and Santafest. Some of his top concerns are the lack of affordable housing in Bracebridge and ensuring the opinion of the majority is brought forward.


Draper Ward - Acclaimed  


Archie Buie will represent Draper Ward for another term of council after he was acclaimed in July. Buie previously spent several decades as a business administrator and plans to pursue ongoing projects like the arena/library complex, the continued existence of an acute care hospital in Bracebridge and issues of particular importance to Draper Ward.


Oakley Ward - Acclaimed


Barb McMurray was also acclaimed and will represent Oakley Ward once again. She’s represented the ward at various times over the past two decades and has been a vocal advocate of issues pertaining to Oakley Ward, such as road conditions in the region.