Muskoka Votes 2018 - Lake of Bays

Posted: 2018-10-11 13:45:39 By: mattdriscoll

As the Oct. 22 municipal elections approach, Hunters Bay Radio is examining some of the key races shaping up in the Muskoka and South Almaguin region. Today we take a look at the candidates running in the Lake of Bays election.

Mayor (One to be elected)


Terry Glover


Terry Glover is a former business owner with 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has served two terms as a councillor in Lake of Bays and has been on many boards including the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce, Library Board and Economic Development and Marketing Boards in Lake of Bays and Huntsville.

His top priorities include increased affordable housing to support first time buyers and seniors; greater internet speed and access; and the creation of a multi-year plan to support and develop the promotion and marketing of Lake of Bays to create jobs, and attract and sustain residents.


Charles Cooper


Charles Cooper has been a cottager in Lake of Bays for 17 years and currently owns Muskoka Hydrovac.
His top priorities are reshaping the conversation with carriers and regulators to increase internet access; the creation of attainable, non-subsidized, housing by changing existing planning guidelines; and capitalizing on the innovative potential that already exists in the community by taking steps like leveraging the Internet of Things (IOT) and smart sensors to deliver better services at lower cost.


Bob Young


Bob Young previously worked a  business career in the oil and gas industry conducting technical, logistics, strategic planning and financial risk management, and has been the mayor of Lake of Bays for the past eight years.

His top priorities include ensuring that Lake of Bays has a strong voice at the District of Muskoka table, in the process reducing the size of that council from 22 to 12 councillors, downloading all planning and roads and restructuring ambulance and police costs to make them based on service. He also wants to increase high speed internet access and increase affordable housing by changing regulations.


Franklin Ward (One to be elected)


Charles Deacon


Charles Deacon had a career in the automotive corporate management and independent lease fleet finance business and has been involved with political and community initiatives in Markham since 1981. He’s cottaged in Lake of Bays since 1949 and recently moved to the area full time.

His top priorities are to smooth the waves of divisiveness between council and seasonal residents;  give all constituents a sound choice for a new voice on council; and to improve communications on all issues regarding the official plan through collaborative negotiations with local municipal officials.

Nancy Tapley


Nancy Tapley is co-owner of Bondi Village Cottage Resort and has spent 20 years on council  and six as deputy mayor.
Her top priorities are securing funding for the library expansion in Dwight,  continuing to support the essential services of the health hub in Dorset (and the two hospitals) and ensuring that development on environmentally sensitive properties, such as Langmaid’s Island, only proceed with the environment first and foremost.

Sinclair Ward (One to be elected)


Mike Peppard

Mike Peppard has a  background in biology and community engagement and is the incumbent candidate in Sinclair.
His top priorities include taking a balanced approach to development that strongly encourages protection of the natural environment; ensuring that taxes collected by the District from Lake of Bays are fair and well spent; and supporting a thriving and sustainable community in Lake of Bays and Muskoka. That includes strong libraries, small businesses, jobs for youth and creative ways to increase affordable housing.


Martin Mann


Martin Mann is an entrepreneur and business owner running for elected office for the first time.

His top priorities include improving internet service in the township and increasing affordable housing.

District Ridout/McLean Ward (Acclaimed)


Robert Lacroix


Robert Lacroix has been acclaimed as the councillor for Ridout/McLean and will serve his third term.


Sinclair Ward


Rick Brooks


Rick Brooks has been an architectural consultant for over 35 years, and has been involved with various charitable organizations, service groups and municipal committees of council.
Hsi top priorities including ensuring he is a visible and vocal conduit for the residents of Sinclair and Finlayson; engaging the residents to ensure they understand the differing roles of the Ward and District Councillors; and to listen to the current councillors and staff to better grasp their various scopes of work to be better able to discuss issues and potential solutions together, specifically when it comes to roads, infrastructure and essential services.


Norman Dyer


Norman Dyer is the owner of Inspyr Realty and president of the local cottager's association within the ward.

His top priorities include disciplined management of the township's finances; updating and modernizing zoning by-laws and housing initiatives; and enhancing infrastructure improvements within the township.


Gloria Schimmel


Gloria Schimmel is a real estate agent with experience volunteering with several local athletic groups.

Her top priorities include ensuring the Township retains satellite fire stations, increasing access to high speed internet and ensuring the stability of the region.


Ridout Ward (One to be elected)


Henry McClelland


Henry McClelland is a Baysville resident seeking his first term of council.

His top priority is to be a conduit for the residents of his riding. He is also concerned with the lack of affordable housing in the municipality.


Penny McEachern

Penny McEachern is a fourth generation Dorset resident, with extensive volunteer experience, and has spent her career working in both the public sector (MNR, MTO) and the private sector (McEachern Real Estate, Robinson’s General Store, Scotiabank).  

Her top priorities are affordable housing, balancing the budget and effective support for area  libraries.

McLean Ward (One to be elected)


Jacquie Goddard


Jacquie Goddard  is the director for Andrew Daniels Fish Stewardship Foundation and the lead researcher for the Baysville and Dwight Heritage Walking Tour Guides.
Goddard is passionate about preserving the natural, built and cultural heritage of the area and would like to help the area be inclusive and share in preserving the area for future generations.


Michelle Mary MacIsaac


Michelle Mary MacIsaac has lived and worked in McLean Ward for the past 13 years and has a background in business and community service.

Her top priorities are responsible economic growth; supporting community services such as volunteer programs, libraries, volunteer firefighters, and community centres; and addressing challenges such as access to health care, affordable housing and the development of the local  workforce.


Stasi O’Hare


Stasi O’Hare was born in Lake of Bays and now dedicates her time to family and volunteering with the Baysville Lions, School Parent Council Board, Huntsville Minor Hockey Board, SEAC Board TLDSB and Baysville Bethune’s UCW.
Her top priorities are balancing developmental progress with environmental stewardship; finding solutions and strategies for senior care and affordable housing; and improving technology infrastructure to attract new residents, provide rewards to existing businesses, and allow seasonal residents to potentially extend their time within the community.