Muskoka Watershed Report Card To Be Released Soon

Posted: 2018-05-24 09:55:56 By: hbr

Earlier this week, the Muskoka Summit on the Environment, the Muskoka Watershed Council paid a visit to Bracebridge general committee to discuss their work.
Peter Sale, the past president of the Watershed Council, informed the committee on some of the MWC’s major projects. That includes the fifth Muskoka Watershed Report Card, which is set to be released in the upcoming weeks. Issued every four years, the report card details the health of the local watershed and will be entirely online and interactive for the first time this year. Sale said the report for 2018 will be mostly good news but there are some areas of concern.
This year the Love Your Lakes program will be working toward re-naturalizing the shoreline along Three Mile Lake, Wood Lake, Stewart Lake and Brandy Lake. Lake Vernon, McKay Lake and Bruce Lake will all be undergoing assessments under the same program this year.
The MWC will also be working on educational programs surround the threat of invasive species and algal blooms, and have partnered with the Muskoka Discovery Centre to launch an exhibit on the Wonders of the Watershed.
Sale also invited councilors to attend the 2018 Muskoka Summit on the Environment,  which wraps up today, at the Rene Caisse Theatre in Bracebridge. 
The theme of this year’s summit is Restoring Your Relationship with the Natural World.