Natalie Novak Remembered With Park Bench Installations

Posted: 2019-09-20 15:05:27 By: hbr

A young Bracebridge woman who was murdered by her partner will soon be remembered through a series of park benches. During the most recent Bracebridge General Committee meeting, Coun. Rick Maloney said the town has been requested to help with the installation of three park benches in memory of Natalie Novak. Novak was 20 years old when she was murdered in an act of domestic violence.

A fund in her honour was created and now part of that money will be used to build three park benches.

The benches are part of a larger initiative called Barb’s Benches. The project was originally started in memory of Barbra Baillie, a woman murdered by her husband in 1990. 

The idea of creating benches to commemorate the victims of domestic violence has now spread across the country.