New Fire Truck For Gravenhurst

New Fire Truck For Gravenhurst

Posted: 2020-12-31 07:45:01 By: thebay

The saga of a new fire truck in Gravenhurst came to an end earlier this month with the passing of the 2021 budget.

Earlier in the fall, Gravenhurst council approved replacing the Town’s aging fire pumper truck with a pumper truck estimated to cost approximately $750,000, rather than purchasing an aerial fire truck at a cost of between $1.4 to $2 million.

At the time there was substantial debate at council, but ultimately it was felt that mutual aid agreements with Bracebridge and Rama, which have aerial trucks that can be sent to Gravenhurst if necessary, would be enough to address any concerns. 

However during the last round of budget talks in December, Gravenhurst council reversed its proposal and approved the purchase of an aerial fire truck.

Proponents on council spoke to the need to access high-rise buildings, while opponents focused on the need for fiscal prudence during the COVID-19 pandemic and noted that the aerial truck will not be able to navigate a number of rural roads.