New Firearms By-Law Expected To Be Passed In July

Posted: 2020-06-26 12:14:24 By: thebay

During Wednesday night’s electronic council meeting, Huntsville Councilors discussed changes to the firearms by-law.

The current By-Law prohibits the discharge of firearms in designated areas. Staff say that some of the language in the by-law could cause confusion as to where a firearm could be legally discharged.  The new by-law hopes to bring clarity to the regulations.

Bows and cross bows are also not currently included, and this will be corrected with the new by-law. Also included in the definition of guns will be air guns, spring guns,  pellet guns and paint ball guns.

New exemptions will also  be added to allow the discharge of a bow or air rifle within prohibited areas if it is at a competition or education event that is sanctioned by the Ontario Federation of Canadian Archers, the Ontario Association of Archers, the Ontario Association of Anglers and Hunters and/or a federally or provincially regulated and licensed gun club, trap and skeet club, rifle or archery ranges and a paintball facility.

Woodland Heights, areas of Swallowdale Road, East Browns Rd and Muskoka Rd 23 will now be included in the new prohibited areas.

The By-law is expected to be passed a the next town council meeting in July.