New local business making eco-friendly swim wear

Posted: 2021-04-29 10:39:22 By: thebay

Eco-wear is the future of swimwear according to a Muskoka business called ‘Skoka Swim.

Launched by Sierra Neudorf and Rachel Miller on April 23, the bathing suit line is taking eco-friendly fashion production to a new level.

The fabric is 78 per cent made from recycled plastic from the ocean, the mailers are 100 per cent recycled and produced using solar power, and the swimwear zipper bags are 100 per cent biodegradable.

The two business owners conducted lots of research to ensure the company they chose to create the recycled plastic fabric is legitimate and true to their values and passion for the environment. Additionally, the women made sure the company is ethical in their practices as an employer overseas. In many cases, workers in developing or third world countries aren’t treated right or paid a fair wage by employers.

Having recently finished post-secondary school, Neudorf and Miller both originally from Huntsville, are long-time friends who share a love for the environment, Muskoka and fashion. Putting the three loves together made perfect sense.

“We want to be able to connect to the Muskoka community and we believe that respecting the environment is a part of that and it's a shared value among people from Muskoka or visiting Muskoka so we definitely incorporated it,” said Miller.

While living and studying in Australia, Neudorf got the inspiration to create a custom swimwear line specifically designed for Muskoka’s cottage country, while taking the environment into account.

The swimwear designs are hand sketched by Neudorf. She creates the designs based on the cottage country experience where watersports are prominent and to offer a unique style that’s different from other swimwear lines.

“I saw the abundance of beautiful swimwear options there, and it made me think, why does Muskoka not have one of their own?” asked Neudorf.

Miller also studied in Australia, and she echoed Neudorf’s thoughts. “There's just so many more swimwear options and boutiques and things like that that are authentic to Australia and each of the little surf towns. So that was kind of like Muskoka being the cottage country of Canada, we found it interesting that we didn't have anything like that.”

Having an educational background in commerce with a specialization in international management helped the women develop the skills necessary to choose the company that is best suited for this business.

“It's been helpful definitely the international aspect because we are working with those international suppliers, so we've definitely had training with how to work with international suppliers and different cultures and things like that,” said Miller.

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