New Mental Health Program Offered By Province

New Mental Health Program Offered By Province

Posted: 2020-03-08 11:38:25 By: hbr

The Province announced last that it will be providing free therapy for anxiety and depression through a program called Mindability. 

Health Minister Christine Elliott says that “Mindability will be funded just like OHIP with no out-of-pocket cost to patients.”

Mindability’s program will offer cognitive behavioural therapy specifically for those suffering from anxiety and depression.  Patients will be able to sign up and schedule their appointments online, by phone, or via text message.

Elliott says “Through this groundbreaking program, an individual will receive an assessment from a trained mental health clinician and offered a therapy program that best addresses their level of need.”

The program includes options for in-person individual and group therapy, as well as coaching and sessions with mental health professionals over the phone. Internet modules and workbooks will be offered in addition.

The Ontario government will spend $20 million on the Mindability program this year, with plans to have the program fully implemented in the province within the next three to four years.