New Residential Units Coming To Bracebridge

New Residential Units Coming To Bracebridge

Posted: 2020-02-03 07:28:24 By: hbr

A number of residential units got the green light from Bracebridge councillors during their most recent planning committee meeting.

The first was a six-unit two-story apartment building that's going to be located on Cedar Lane Between Alexandria Street and Muskoka Road. 

There was some discussion about what to do with garbage coming from the new building but ultimately the plan was approved.

Councillors also gave approval on a two-year extension for the Valley Drive subdivision. That plan calls for the creation of eight new residential lots that will be located off an extension of Valley Drive, which is located just off Wellington Street.

Councillors questioned why the project, which had been approved five years ago, was still being held up.  Staff said the subdivision had recently undergone a change of ownership but they assured councillors that the new owner is eager to get the project finished. 

A single-detached dwelling and a triplex were also approved for Muskoka Road near the intersection with Woodchester Avenue. The project is expected to serve as a group home when it's finished.