New Smart Card System Coming to Huntsville Transit

New Smart Card System Coming to Huntsville Transit

Posted: 2020-11-26 07:14:12 By: jacob

During Monday’s electronic town council meeting in Huntsville staff recommended that council approve implementation of a smart card system in order to collect transit fares. The cost of the smart card system would be $11,400 and it would be funded from the Federal/Provincial safe restart program, which is to be used to support transit delivery during COVID-19. Transit users would be able to go online to order a card, or they would be able to purchase a pre-loaded card. Direct cash payments would be accepted, but change would not be given back. The smart card system would be implemented as of March 2021, and the Town would fully educate the public prior to that date. Steve Hernen, Director of Operations and Protective Services noted that the majority of users of the system are local and are already using monthly passes.  


The motion was approved.