New Upgrades At Annie William Park Next Year

Posted: 2019-11-06 07:15:12 By: hbr

Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge is in line for upgrades next year.

During the most recent Bracebridge general committee meeting, councillors discussed plans to set aside $12,000 from the Annie Williams Memorial Park Reserve for the installation of an accessible path on the south side of the park from the dock to the driveway loop.

There was some concern that the path would be made of a granular surface instead of asphalt and might not be fully accessible. Councillors heard the available budget limited the use of asphalt but the granular surface should be accessible.

Councillors also had some discussion about dogs digging holes at the park beach. Dog bylaws have been a matter of considerable discussion at council recently and Councillor Barb McMurray again voiced her displeasure with dogs causing problems in town parks.

Chief bylaw officer Scott Stakiw said it is very difficult to enforce the rules, particularly in the off hours. He agreed with McMurray’s suggestion that if they spot someone contravening the rules they could take a picture of the person and their dog and send it to bylaw officers.

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