New Year's Can Still Be Fun!

Posted: 2020-12-27 10:04:00 By: thebay

At least the RIDE programs won’t have much to do this year – hopefully.

With a province-wide lockdown in effect, most of Ontario’s citizens will be ringing in 2021 at home on December 31.

But just because they’re stuck (or maybe not-so-stuck) at home, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it fun.

Enjoy a virtual cheer with family and friends. Spice it up by making fun and festive beverages with plenty of colour and flavour. Pull out the old blender and get creative; or check out websites like or for great ideas.

Dance the night away. Get a favourite playlist together of danceable grooves and – with a nod to Lionel Ritchie – let it play all night long. Groove wherever the mood suits – the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway – well, maybe not the bathroom.

Make it a theme night. Dress with a decade focus (80s is always easy and ridiculous) or pick a favourite movie or entertainment genre (007, Star Wars, westerns, mysteries, etc.). Go all out, take photos and share them on Social Media. Better yet, add this to the virtual gathering to up the ante.

Speaking of anteing up, a playing card tournament is also a fun way to spending an evening at home. This is best with four or more people but can be done with three. Choose a game everyone can play and enjoy – Poker, Blackjack, Crazy 8s, Rummy are a few that come to mind – and then make a wager. Winners don’t do chores for a month; or perhaps money or favours can be bet.

Play a variety of board games. Trivial Pursuit, Clue and other mind-stimulating games are perfect for a fun evening indoors. Give the games a twist and put some stakes on it.  See previous paragraph for ideas.

If blessed with a property with space, light up a few fireworks. If not, sparklers and confetti will do the trick as well. After all, everyone is happy to say goodbye to 2020, so celebrate it.

No matter how each household is planning to ring in 2021, be sure to do it safely and with a hopeful heart that the new year will be a lot better than the old one.

By Chris Occhiuzzi, for