No Changes To Dog Leash Laws In Bracebridge

Posted: 2019-10-18 10:13:09 By: hbr

Following surveys, open houses and a lengthy discussion, Bracebridge Town councillors recently decided the dog leashing situation in town will remain more or less status quo.

After receiving a letter from a concerned resident in October of 2018, council launched into discussions on whether dogs should be leashed in all town parks. Leashes are not currently required in larger parks, but are in smaller, neighbourhood parks like Kelvin Grove and Memorial Park. Dogs are also not permitted off-leash on beaches or sports fields.

A survey of residents indicated they were largely in favour of the existing rules.

Scott Stakiw of the bylaw department said roughly 20 per cent of their workload is dog-related. However, he said the vast majority of those calls are for dogs that have wandered away from their property.

In the end, council voted to continue to stick with the existing rules. They also added an amendment to allow the South Monck and Covered Bridge trails to be included as off-leash.